The Legacy

Dungeon Crawl

or "Ok, rolling to open the portcullis ... Damnit!"

If we had a wooden warforged, would he be an Adventuring Log?

Session started again, conveniently, where the last one ended. The party was hanging around after the general looting of troglodytes, and since it had been a while for the players, were a bit confused for a moment on where to go. Basically on a whim, we decided to explore the upper floors.

We found both entrances to the upper level proper had been blocked by portcullises. In the interest of remaining stealthy, Kemil set to work bashing a hole in one. Sadly, after a token exploration of the rooms beyond, we found basically nothing of any particular interest. With this in mind, we headed downstairs.

Downstairs, we quickly found a stairway farther down. Knowing dwarves, I figured this would be a reasonable place to look for loot and all the important rooms. What kind of poncy dwarf builds on the surface anyway? Of course, the way to the underground was blocked by a couple of human folks.

Humans! Fights are required! Amusingly, however, the humans were mostly minions and were quickly torn to pieces by our trained and useful party. The rooms had little in the way of loot or anything particularly interesting, however, so we just returned to trying to open the portcullis.

Kemil, assisted by four others, tried to lift the portcullis and failed. Then, he tried again, assisted again, and failed. Also he tried to lift the portcullis, but that failed. Also Ovias tried to lift it and failed.

Finally, Kemil managed to lift the portcullis. We suddenly realized that we had no way to keep it open. Ovias ran off to get an anvil from the forge we’d seen earlier. While he was gone, Kemil dropped the portcullis.

Kemil, assisted by four others, tried to lift the portcullis and failed. Then, he tried again, assisted again, and failed. Also he tried to lift the portcullis, but that failed. Also Ovias tried to lift it and somehow magically succeeded. We slammed the anvil under the thing and we were good. Finally.

We traveled down below, and found a small jail area. This was a bit of a surprise to be honest. Anyway, one cell was occupied by a daft old man with some birds. We tried talking to the fellow, but he just blithely smiled and nodded. Given that we didn’t really know what to do with a guy that keeps birds on his head and doesn’t talk, we just sort of left him there with the intent of getting him on the way out.

Traveling on, we found a few empty rooms with nothing interesting, la dee da. Eventually we came to a hallway with a bunch of doors lining it, which is never a good sign. Also there were glowing light spells engraved on the walls, which is actually pretty damn neat. Anyway, opening one of the chambers, we found a sarcophagus. We decided not to disturb the dead, but then BAM combat.

A winged demon thing that looked like a hideously mutated smurf popped out of one of the doors farther down the way. Someone or another recognized this as a Berbalang, which is possibly the worst monster name since that Aztec fish monster from the 3.0 Monster Manual 2. Anyway, it popped out a clone, so we did the sensible thing and fought them wildly and without any real attempt at focus firing. Baern mostly kept his distance like a good cleric. The fight was over pretty darn quick, however, due mostly to Arannis’ successful sleep spell letting Kemil do mid-sixties to mid-seventies damage two times a round. Nothing trivializes an encounter like disabling all the enemy combatants in the first round.

Given that this seemed to be the end of the underground hallways, we headed back topside again. This time, we headed to the big open area just north of the troglodyte fight. Plainly, a large open room in a dungeon couldn’t be infested with monsters that rely on mobility to be effective in combat. So of course as soon as we came in, LOL CARRION CRAWLER AND HARPIES.

So combat. Anyway, Ovias did the sensible dwarven thing and jumped on its back right away. This limited the carrion crawler’s options to exactly the options it already had, but that’s how these things go. The harpies distinguished themselves in this battle by constantly screeching at everyone, in some kind of weird way that made us all move around and also be immobile. Thankfully, however, we were all warmed up from stomping the previous combatants, and this combat was barely any different. Between knocking the harpies around and axing the carrion crawler in a round or two, the combat wasn’t exactly terribly difficult or long, just full of screeching harpies that made everyone want to kill them faster.

After the combat, it was like 11:30, so hey.

Session Over.

Tune in next time for “More Dungeon Crawling” or “Crap it’s the BBEG and we are out of Dailies”



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