The Legacy

Ekemon, I choose you!

or "Stars fall, everyone dies"

Is this another Adventure Log? It is!

Session started off with Arannis and Irrinor immediately and wordlessly disappearing to go handle the black residium returns, while the good and decent people of the party hung around to watch Tempest talk write stuff to some guy.

Well, the guy that had met Tempest a moment ago now professed to be his long-lost brother, despite Tempest not knowing he had one of those. A few bits of exposition later, the party knew that a couple of ‘Houses’ in Fedir were feuding over control of the nation. The party was quickly dragged off to that blasted and useless land.

Apparently, the Infernal Pact House had recently wrestled power from the Star Pact folks. Given that I’ve never played a warlock, read up on their lore, or cared in the least about pacts, they all seem roughly the same to me. What we actually found in Fedir was a bunch of untrustworthy, thieving, and generally malicious Tieflings fully living up to their poor reputation.

Turns out Tempest, as far as I can tell, was left in slavery by his parents. His parents had a way out of their bonds, see, and took it. This was apparently justified by 1. Two parents, one kid, so the numbers work in their favor, and 2. She was pregnant, so they had a replacement Tempest. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that everyone in Fedir is a dick yet. Anyway, so Tempest was enslaved, and then cursed or something, so that’s why he can’t talk. I personally see this as an elaborate cover-story by his mom to hide her affairs with the bad-boy banshee down the road, the one that no woman could resist.

So his brother came to find him due to a prophesy that his family would kill the infernal pact folks. Apparently in Fedir there is a group of thirteen people whose job it is to spout prophesies all day long. Anyway, due to this prediction, the Tempest family was being hunted. Mom and “dad” had already been captured, and so Tempest was brought in to fulfill the prophesy. Some klingon-esque mess about honor duels named something like Terek Nor was spoken of, and so the plan was hatched to have Tempest, probably the squishiest of our remaining party members, challenge the head bad guy, Ek√©mon, to single combat in the longest run-on sentence you’ve likely seen this side of the Mississippi.

We got a chest full of items here, most of which didn’t really have much direct combat use, and frankly most of which Baern took just to take. We also divided the plunder gathered thus far in the campaign, netting everyone 374 gp. Presumably the amounts owed to Arannis and Irrinor are being set aside for them. There was some talk of shopping, and I think Tempest dropped every penny he’s made into one battle worth of healing potions, but meh. I don’t recall.

So we headed to the tavern, where all the best doomed adventurers meet. Walking in, we found Ekemon, some human chick, and dozens of mercs and guards. The reasonable thing to do here would be to politely and formally offer a Zul’Farrak challenge to the guy, but apparently Kemil knew the human chick in question. Kemil has some bad luck with women. Anyway, Bull-man takes the diplomatic approach and draws down. Suddenly, everyone in the place has crossbows and blades at the ready. Someone talks the minotaur down from a TPK, and then the challenge was issued properly, laughed at, and accepted.

A night passed with the four party members sleeping in four different locations, so far as I can tell. Woo party cohesion.

Next morning we all headed over to watch Tempest get his ass kicked in the arena. Apparently it’s a bad idea to interrupt this duel in progress, so the rest of the party was to sit and watch. I was trying to figure a way to remotely and covertly heal Tempest when Ovias’ suspiciously good vision spotted a guy loading a crossbow on the other side of the arena. Ovias pointed out this possible interruption, and so we started forcing our way through the crowed.

Baern helped a bit here by first diplomatically talking his way past some folks, then getting annoyed and drawing the Lightning Warhammer of Moradin and lighting it up, scattering stupid peasants and Tiefling heretics out of the way. Shortly enough, the party had shoved their way to the general area of the possible interlopers. Tempest was fighting well enough down in the arena, I suppose.

Anyway, a few turns were spent fighting an Angry Mob that looked like a sullen blond guy that wasn’t invited to his friend’s party, and a few more were spent cleaning up the couple of actual direct interlopers, while the crowd as a whole degenerated into anarchy. Suddenly, we saw Creed hidden somewhere nearby, with arms wide open casting some ritual. Shortly thereafter, all the stars in the sky fell burning and exploding to the ground, decimating the cheery arena and most of its inhabitants. The fighting in general continued unabated, with the extra benefit of a number of “Bottomless” chasms spread about. Tieflings have been thus proven to be honorable and decent folks, not psychotics and murderers at all.

Tempest fell into a chasm pretty quickly and then repeatedly failed attempts to climb out, falling deeper each time. At this point, noninterference was pretty much out the window, and the party rushed the field, along with several random people no one knew or cared about. Ovias made the sensible decision of jumping as far as he could into the arena and landing safely on his face, if I recall correctly. Eventually, we all found our way onto the arena floor and began fighting people, despite nearly everyone being bloodied and Baern being out of healing.

Ekemon died fairly early on as I believe, but the mop-up of remaining stragglers took a while. We had no crowd-control in the party at this point and everyone was down to dailies. Baern actually was dropped to zero HP, falling unconscious. By Moradin’s power (with some possible assistance from a healing potion from Tempest) Baern was revived, but proceeded to lay on his back in the rubble for the next five turns, using potions on people and ineffectually casting Lance of Faith at whoever he could see.

After the combat, we all felt a bit stronger, as though passing an arbitrary milestone in our lifetime of experience.

The session ended there, for once not on a cliffhanger.

Tune in next time for “A Tempestuous Family Reunion” or “The Tieflings are Revolting!”



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