The Legacy

Kobolds in the Night, Exchanging Manses

or "Was this the last fight? What are the chances? "

Wow, been a while since I logged some adventures. One day short of a month, in fact.

Well, session started with some overland travel, dragging the dwarf ‘camp’ of thousands of the stubby things. Deciding to make the best of not having to roll skill checks, we started off skirting a lake and heading southwest. Along the way, we passed some fishing village, but no one wanted to bother with it. Eventually, we came across a sign hung from a tree, with an odd symbol on it.

Ovias recognized this symbol as a request for help from any passing Wardens. After some token discussion, we decided what the hell, we might as well check it out. No problem dragging thousands of people along because some guy happened to know a symbol for Wardens, right? Along the way, we meet what we figured to be part of a kobold ambush, and killed it.

Anyway, we eventually found our way to a human settlement full of peaceful humans. Actually no, it was full of peaceful kobolds. You heard me. Anyway, some brief discussion with them, we found that they were being raided by nearby humans, and that they wanted a warden to help. Many of us just didn’t care, but we went along with it anyway.

We dragged our huge entourage along to the nearby human settlement, meeting a couple of half-retarded morons out in the fields. After listening to their yammering for a short time, we informed them that we were going to speak to the entire village. After hearing their complaints, we told them that a big scary dragon was going to eat their town, and that they had to run.

For whatever reason, they seemed to believe us. Baern contributed 1000 gold to their relocation. After that we basically just skipped town. Headed back to kobold town, got… some fruit or vegetables or something. Huge quest reward sir.

After this, we found a note or something from the druid’s mentor, and he immediately skips off into the wilds. Ok.

Later that night, a massive explosion! No one knows what it could be, so we take the logical course of action and ride towards it.

Viewpoint switches here to Alyrian, some deva guy. He’s recently recorporeated and was getting hassled by his new boss to do something sketchy. The fact that his boss was hanging out with angels, devils, and demons at once didn’t make it less sketchy.

Alyrian tells them to shove it, and bam combat. Good thing the rest of the party showed up here or something. Anyway, we apparently were in some mystical long-lost city called… Scintille or something. We fought the angels and won in fairly short order, no real problems.

Alyrian has joined the party!

Session over.



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