The Legacy

Lookin' for Mines in All the Wrong Places

or "He just smiles and nods."

Sometimes people forget about adventure logs.

OK, this session kicked off where the other session left off. Ears still ringing from the screeching harpies, we quickly looted the corpses and decided to explore the joint. We took off through the hallways, looking to at least be able to call the place clear.

A bit of exploring and we settled on resting for the night. Room 25 was a comfy spot, so we headed there and took a snooze, all boarded up. No problems occurred. All rested and full of power(s), we continued exploring the building, eventually coming to a chamber full of monsters.

This chamber was the queen’s chamber, where the queen was a dryad, followed and escorted by a half dozen enslaved humans and a shifter over to the side. Looked easy! Initiative was rolled and we all fell in. The fight went smoothly enough, everyone did their job and things were going OH GOD THERE ARE HUGE HYENA DOGS. The large hyenas disrupted combat and bled acid all over us, which isn’t terribly pleasant. Thankfully, Baern was more than capable of healing, particularly since half the party has Healing Word anyway.

After the fight, we discussed our mission here. Since it was effectively to ‘find the Karak Load’, we assumed this meant that we had to find the mines themselves. Thus the search started. We poked around a while with no real success, and then looked at that suspicious “S” on our map of the jailhouse. Couldn’t find anything there. We even let the daft old man with the canaries out, and he just wandered around stupid and oblivious. The sandstorm raging outside kept us in the fortress anyway.

Kemil went around knocking walls, while the dwarves followed the addled human around for a few hours. Nothing came of any of this. The gods above refused to answer any requests for hints or help.

After a while, it was late, so we fed the idiot and went back to room 25 to sleep. Unfortunately, attacks! A troglodyte chanter and a couple of his henchmen assaulted us! Plainly the party trashed the idiots and everything was fine and dandy, but just as plainly, there are still problems in the Karak Mines.

Tune in next time for This is Such a Karak Load, or “Damnit we’ve been searching for six hours, just tell us where the next area is”



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