The Legacy

Ozymandias, Queen of Queens

or "Look upon my Skulls, ye dwarven, and despair"

Adventure logging camps are less depressing than normal logging camps.

Well, the adventure started by falling asleep to continue our extended rest. After this thrilling start, we headed back downstairs and Arannis immediately figured out the correct spell to open up the passage down into the mines.

Proceeding downwards, we found ourselves in a mining area covered in slightly glowing but apparently normal iron ore. This sounds contradictory but hey. It was all chaos-magic-infused, says the wizard. However, there was no time for forging new weapons out of it, as monsters existed down the hallway! Past an iron portcullis, a number of troglodytes were stinking up the mines.

The portcullis was the obvious choice of items to destroy first, and Kemil obliged, after only a few missiles were tossed through by the trogs. This left one poor bugger trapped under the portcullis while half the party thundered over him and into the fray. The combat passed fairly simply. The troglodyte under the portcullis was electrocuted by Baern, and no one was seriously injured.

A few moments’ exploration dropped us in front of a number of carrion crawlers, as well as hundreds of spiders and a zombie or two. The air was thick with chaos, which weakened those who passed through it. Theris stupidly bravely charged the carrion crawlers while the rest of us hung back to deal with a suddenly charging, terrifying demon that came barreling down the corridor. The fight went smoothly enough despite a few tense moments for Theris and Tempest, with the carion crawlers posing more problems than were expected. Still, the party came out on top with few major problems.

The final fight of the evening was over a chasm of chaos death energy, with a number of monstrous demons that had spawned in that hell, along with a massive naga resting upon a mountain of dwarven skulls. Thus began a dangerous fight over a pit of fire against monsters that none of us knew much about. The naga and Menzoberranzans kept flinging deleterious effects at the party, making it difficult to move around, let alone perform effective tactics. Before long, the party was split across the gap, and a fire monsters spawned from the pit was occupying the casters while the tanks and unfortunate cleric stayed on the far side fighting the demons.

Still, despite a few problems, the monsters fell and everyone survived.

Session over.

Tune in next time for Going Home Again, or “Wait, there’s really no ancient, lost dwarven treasure in here?”



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