The Legacy

Underdark After Dark

or "Uh, anyone need healing? OK, turn's over."

Adventure logs are becoming more rare.

Session picked up where the last, unlogged one did. Still in the underdark, the party bumbled around a while under the nice, free lighting from our wizard. Some time later, we walked into a special portion of cave.

Of course, any time there is a special area of anything, there is combat. BOOM undead all over the place. Some huge abyssal monster undead too, not just your average zombies.

This combat started a bit on the weird side. The party apparently had been squeezing its way through a very thin passage, and we were completely bottlenecked while Ovias stood there and got hit a lot. Each hit both immobilized him and drained healing surges, so it was becoming a problem rather fast. Still, eventually the wight that was causing problems dropped, and people spread out a bit.

Mostly this combat was designed, so far as this humble logger can tell, to drain the party of useful powers and also of healing surges. Things went rather smoothly, every monster was killed, though the large ones had some silly thing where they could attack Ovias a half dozen times at once or something. After the combat was over, the party took a short rest and then started poking around, as we are often wont to do. About ten seconds into poking around, BAM VAMPIRES. DOZENS OF THEM.

Well, a couple of vampires, a couple more wights, and a number of spawn that die instantly. An AoE here, a Flame Strike there, and the number was down to four. Still, combat was a bit dangerous and here and there people had few to no surges left, and KEMIL WAS DOMINATED FOR BASICALLY THE ENTIRE COMBAT. So our psychotic bullmonster stood there wailing on Ovias until Baern Turned Undead and pissed off the vamps enough for them to sic Kemil on Baern. Amusingly, however, the was knocked unconscious on the way by Ovias, and only got a single hit on the all-important cleric.

Still, combat continued. Ended before long however. A little looting later, and we found a secret passage. Just as we began pressing into it,

Session over.

Tune in next time for Ovias Does the Underdark, or maybe “You know what? Screw Ovias, let’s get the hell out of here.”



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