Zane is a middle aged man who has seen his share of adventures. His current post as Master of Roads ties him down but he still yearns for his previous life


Zane was born into his life as a caravan master.   His family has been  running the roads and the portals for 3 generations and Zane's life was no different until 3 years ago.

The Green Guild Council approached Zane and asked him to take the position of Master of Roads.  Zane's dealings with the council and others had always been fair and Zane was well known for having superior leading skills with regards to his caravan.

Zane thought it over for a while but it was his wife who convinced him to take the position.  "Think of all the good you could do for the traders." she said.

Zane came to the position hoping he could bring about changes for the good for the traders and for the roads themselves.  He quickly found himself blocked from doing just that by the bureaucracy of the GGC and the government of The Hub.  Since he started he has found more and more ways to clandestinely bypass the rules and regulations to get good things accomplished.

He has since become a hero to the locals but the stress of the job still gets to him occasionally and he still yearns to be back on the roads with his caravans plying his trade.


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