The Legacy


Here's the questionnaire I promised you.  Please choose five questions under each topic to answer, so 35 questions in all.  In return if you complete this questionnaire about your character you will start off with a magic item.  Questions 1,7,19,32,46,54,81,85,86 must be answered.  

Please copy and paste the question and then type your answer in. 

Important Token Notice

In order to use the maps to scale please create tokens that are 100X100.  This will put them on scale with the other tokens that I have created.  You can find an excellent Java based tool for this here:

 You want to download the Token Tool.  This is the same tool I used to make tokens from all the pictures in the MM.


Once you have made your token send it to me and I will put it in the token box for when we play. 


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