• The primary building materials in Adell are wood and stone.

• Many building are ornamented with carvings in the stone. It is rare to find a house that doesn’t have carvings of the family’s patron gods in the stone.

• New buildings are limited to about 3 stories. However, there are many buildings from the age of ebbing magic that dwarf this limit. Also there are elven spells that can create buildings out of the natural terrain itself. Any construction over this limit is possible but takes time.

• Most buildings are built square. Larger buildings have hallways but homes rarely have them.

• The typical house is 4X4 squares. Most families have 2-5 people.

• Lower class houses are generally built of wood with thatch roofing. Middle class houses have a wooden base structure and clay or slate roofing, possibly with some stonework. Rich houses are done in stone with slate roofs. Often art is done in different colored stone around the house.


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