Arts and Entertainment

• The arts are often overlooked unless it is a festival day in Adell. High society enjoys these luxuries but commoners are too busy toiling in order to appreciate the arts.

• The houses of the Green Guild Counsil are the primary supporters of the arts. The other kingdoms do often support the arts but they do not come close to the lavish exhibitions of the Council. The council values the arts that have no physical form because they are more flagrantly wasteful. The guilds and the people themselves much prefer painting, dance, music, sculpture, etc. Any piece of artwork has to be a measterpiece in order to stand out from the large number of trade goods coming through the portal.

• The hub has a theatre. As do the Elven and Tiefling lands. Travelling troupes of artists are rare due to the dangers of the roads, but any troupes found are almost always bands of bards. • Farmers hold dances, festivals, faires and such for fun. The middle class often use gambling, drinking, and dancing for fun. The upper class attends the arts and love dancing, as well as gambling and playing the game of houses.

• Magic can be used as art. Especially art that also serves a utilitarian purpose. Dwarven artificers are extremely skilled at this and export such items across the plains.

• Sports are standard medieval affair. Falconry, horse riding, tourneys, etc.

• Dice games are popular among the lower class. While the upper class tends to publically look down on games. In private they secret enjoy cards and other games that lend themselves well to gambling. The higher the stakes the better.

• The elves are the only exception to this rule. They pride themselves on games of chess. The best games take centuries to finish.

Arts and Entertainment

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