Diet In Adell

It is customary for a meal to be offered when a host has guests over and it is rude to refuse.  This tradition has lost some of its importance over the years, but it is still customary to at least offer a light snack.


Two meals a day is normal.  Many people eat a light snack during midday, with the other meals in the morning and evening.  Breakfast is normally heavy on grains and oats while dinner consists of meats and sweets.  Especially stews.


Common foods include livestock, grains, fowl, regions around large lakes subsist mainly on fish. 


Common drinks include ales, beers, meads, wines, and water.  In the Gnoll kingdom there is a drink made from fermented chicken blood and sugar call Grechin. 


The most common way of preserving foods is by smoking them.  Salt is very hard to come by due to the lack of oceans.  The only salt available comes through the Sigil Gate and is extremely expensive.

Diet In Adell

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