Fedir is the Tiefling kingdom in the Northwestern section of Adell. Its cities are built high, seeming to touch the stars that provide the ruling Star-pact warlocks their power. Fedir is in a state of constant civil war. Three houses “Share” rule of the lands. Each house is dedicated to a different warlock pact. The political struggle takes place in between constant wars of ideology with Yug’noll. The area between the two kingdoms is know as the plains of blood. After centuries of combat, both martial and magical the land has become blasted into a perpetual desert.

While the majority of Tieflings take the path of the warlock, there are those who either choose not to take a dark pact or are denied in their pact by the powers that govern it. These Tieflings may still pursue the arcane arts as sorcerers. Owing to the very nature of the race’s existence, Tieflings have natural inborn magical abilities. Training is available to teach individuals how to harness and control this magic, and while Tiefling sorcerers are not as respected as Tiefling warlocks (the latter being viewed as a more sophisticated avenue of magic), the power sorcerers can wield and their ability to hold their own cannot be denied by the warlocks. Thus they are accepted and tolerated (if scoffed at and looked down upon) members of Fedir society.

While Tieflings are the primary and governing race of Fedir, other races (mostly humans) can be found within the kingdom’s borders. These other races are never citizens of the nation, and the lucky among them typically hold menial positions or act as servants. Very few are ever able to amass very much respect among the Tieflings, who see themselves as above these other races. However, it is not unheard of for an non-Tiefling to gain a reputation as someone worthy of notice and thus gain some measure of respect among Tieflings. The unlucky among non-Tieflings are slaves. While slavery is not necessarily viewed as a non-Tiefling’s place in life, it is not looked down upon or discouraged by the governing houses. Slaves are quite common in Fedir, especially among the wealthy or influential citizens.

Animal House is totally the lamest house in Fedir, at least until the ultra-cool guy Tempest comes back to help them panty-raid and demon-summon their way back into power.


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