The Hub

The Hub is the center of Adell. A shining star in an otherwise chaotic world. All trade flows through The Hub. The areas surrounding the city itself are used primarily for farming.

The city contains about 100,000 people. Most work as part of the dockworker and teamsters guild but many others are employed as artisans, crafters, and suppliers to travelers.

Almost anything can be found in the markets of The Hub. Especially at Lady Lisas Goods.

There are eight gates in The Hub. One leads to each of the five kingdoms. The sixth gate is in the middle of the city protected by The Twins. Two gates are ruined and no longer functioning.

The city is led by a council of trade guilds known as the Green Guild Council. The 7 members of the council are led by the seven heads of households of the seven most powerful trade families.

The Hub

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