Baern Kinderbeard

A devout dwarven cleric of Moradin.


The Forge cast you, and shape you

The Forge bring its heat to bear upon you, and bring temp’rance to you

The Forge bring down its hammer upon you, and give you strength.

-Traditional Blessing from the Church of Moradin


A dwarf from Tharduul, studying to be a cleric from a fairly young age.

Thus far in the campaign, and probably continuing into the future, Baern has been a fairly unobtrusive sort of fellow. Primarily interested in following these folks and keeping them alive to continue the, thus far, good work that they are doing. As long as the party continues helping people in some way, Baern will be unlikely to disrupt the progress of the group.

Baern has shown himself to be a firm believer in Dwarven superiority, as well as a monotheist in a world full of crazy poly/pantheists.

Baern Kinderbeard

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